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Do you have a tree that is unhealthy, unsafe, or in the way? Hatchie Tree Service offers expert services for tree removal in Hernando and surrounding areas. Our locally owned and operated company has more than two decades of experience, a top rating on Home Advisor, and winner of Best Tree Service in Memphis four years in a row. 

If you have a tree that needs to be removed, call (662) 635-8330 for a free estimate

When to Remove Trees from Your Property

Trees provide abundant benefits for producing oxygen, cleaning the air, and beautifying the landscape. Although trees are beautiful and should be preserved when possible, there are times when a tree needs to be removed. For example, hazardous trees with disease, excessive damage, or structural defects can cause a safety hazard and may cause injury or property damage, if they become weak and fall over. 

Tree removal may be needed for:  

  • Dead or dying trees 
  • Storm damaged trees 
  • Stopping the spread of disease 
  • A tree that is too close to a structure
  • Damage to more than 50% of the tree 
  • Lopsided trees 
  • Trees in danger of falling over 
  • A tree with excessive fungus or root damage 
  • Trees growing into power lines  

Often, it can be difficult to know when to remove a tree, especially if it is a tree that you love or have enjoyed for many years. It can be helpful to get the advice of a professional when making decisions about whether to keep or remove a tree on your property. A knowledgeable and experienced professional can inspect a tree that is causing concern to determine if removal is the best solution. 

Call For Prompt Tree Removal 

If you need tree removal in Hernando for one or more trees on your property, you can expect high quality service and upfront pricing when you leave the job to the pros at Hatchie Tree Service. We can inspect questionable trees to help you determine if they need to be removed and provide a free estimate for tree removal services. 

Please contact us at (662) 635-8330 for more information and to schedule tree removal service.

Our Reviews We Dig What You're Sayin'

  • “David and his crew made what I thought to be a dangerous situation into a great day. David and his crew kept me informed at each step and took the time to explain what he was doing and why. A+ service and truly great customer service!” - Michael A.
  • “David evaluated my property the same day I called for a quote. with the results. David and his team are true professionals who take great pride in their work. And nobody can beat his prices. Seriously. No one.” - Lisa M.
  • “David and his team did a superb job of leveling, drainage enhancement, and retaining wall construction. The service was both professional and friendly, with tremendous attention to detail. He and his team are now my choice for future projects!” - Mike J.
  • “Hatchie provided a gravel parking pad for us at a fair price, and scheduling worked out where they were able to complete the entire job just a few days after quoting. Professional, high-quality work at a good price. Highly recommended!” - Justin V.
  • “Bryant was great about giving suggestions and they were patient with answering my questions. I would definitely use them again and would recommend them for all of your landscaping needs.” - Tarsha H.
  • “David was amazing to work with! Very prompt and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend him. He came out and looked at my yard twice to make sure he was meeting our needs before starting the work.” - David C.
  • “David and his crew are great! They go above and beyond meeting your expectations. We had a huge 200+ year-old red oak that was damaged beyond saving. They took it down safely and cleaned up all debris as promised.” - Shannon T.
  • “Took down 84 trees on our property and hauled them away. David has extensive knowledge and a distinct ability to know what is going to look good and will help guide you to the best decision possible when it comes to your yard!” - Will A.

Leave Tree Removal to the Professionals 

Hernando tree removal is not an easy job and should be left to professionals for many reasons. Safely taking down a tree requires the right equipment and expertise. Attempting to remove a tree on your own can result in property damage to surrounding structures or serious injury. 

Tree service professionals will inspect the tree and the features of your property to make a plan for safely taking down the tree. This includes determining what direction the tree will fall when it is cut and ensuring that the tree won’t fall into the house during removal. When needed, the tree can be removed in sections to avoid causing damage to the surrounding structure or landscape. Branches are removed first and then the trunk is removed in sections using time tested methods to ensure that the job is done right. 

Contact Us We Do the Work So You Can Enjoy Your Yard Request Your Free Estimate
Contact Us We Do the Work So You Can Enjoy Your Yard Request Your Free Estimate